La Petite Maison sur Laprairie community hub

La Petite Maison sur Laprairie will be built on two floors at 1295 Laprairie, in the heart of Pointe-Saint-Charles. The new building will be a model of energy and environmental efficiency and will be certified carbon-neutral. It will house the four founding organizations of La Petite Maison sur Laprairie: Familles en action, Centre de femmes Madame Prend Congé, Regroupement Information Logement and Club populaire des consommateurs de Pointe-Saint-Charles. The building will also be home to a housing project run by SOCAM, a non-profit organization with a 35-year history of building social housing.

The community hub will house the activities and services of the four founding organizations, thus allowing for synergies and resource mutualization.

Mutualized essential services

Housing committee

Women’s centre

Outreach grocery store


Thrift shop

Community kitchen

Meeting and collaboration spaces

The project will share the building with a SOCAM-led housing project. SOCAM will independently run a 52-unit social housing project on the upper floors, thus helping to fill the need for affordable housing in our community.

La Petite Maison sur Laprairie will play a major role in the Pointe-Saint-Charles community landscape by creating a unique space in Montreal’s Sud-Ouest district. It will be the focal point for exceptional joint action by its four flagship organizations, ;which provide essential services to thousands of individuals across southwestern Montreal. By joining forces, we are strengthening solidarity and collaboration within our community.

We invite members of the community, our partners, our supporters and other interested individuals to join us in this innovative project. We need your support to make our vision a reality and to ensure the sustainability and accessibility of community services in our neighbourhood. Together, we can have a lasting, far-reaching impact.

Chronologie des événements


Mobilization and discussions regarding the community hub


Founding of the La Petite Maison sur Laprairie non-profit organization


Dismantling of the existing building


Construction of La Petite Maison sur Laprairie


Opening of the new community hub

Support us

There are a number of ways that you can contribute to our organization and support the La Petite Maison sur Laprairie project:

Make a donation

Your generosity will help make our vision a reality by providing affordable premises and supporting essential services for our community.

Share our mission

Help raise awareness of our project by sharing our website and our social media pages. Together, we can rally our community and have a lasting impact.